View Full Version : Dead Gecko's in S.Africa - a collection point for bulk return for repair

Gerald D
Thu 08 July 2010, 01:10
Following on from this post (http://www.mechmate.com/forums/showthread.php?p=43730&postcount=543), I hereby offer to assemble a single parcel of dead Geckos to go back to Geckodrives California for repair. Have to make some rough rules first:
- Shipping cost to be divided pro-rata the number of Gecko owners participating (not per the number of individual units)
- I accept no risks for loss, you give me your "scrap" and hope for the best.
- You pay before the diagnosis of Geckodrives is revealed (if your drives are not repairable, you still pay your share of the shipping cost).
- I will use UTI Sun Couriers (http://www.sun.co.za/international.aspx), economy option, to send them out.
- I will try and twist Geckodrive's arm to send repaired drives direct back to individual owners, otherwise your courier must collect from me.
- The drives must be free of grease, sawdust, dirt
- There must be a removable label on the back (grease side) with your name, and your ID for the drive.
- For each returned drive, GeckoDrives wants full disclosure on what you think may be wrong, or how you could have contributed to the drive failure. Even if you shorted it out, you need to say so. (I won't publish those disclosures)

Before we start the process,
- I will check the approx cost of using Sun Couriers
- Please put up your hands to show how many people will be splitting the cost . . . . .

Thu 08 July 2010, 01:41
Like I said 2 units for me.

CAM Craft
Thu 08 July 2010, 07:14
definitely 2 for me (201 and a 203v). there is 3rd gecko somewhere (Jordan's mishap)

Gerald D
Fri 09 July 2010, 04:18
Sun Couriers is quoting about R 1 600 (VAT incl.), which I think is a bit steep if split only 2 ways. Especially if we don't have any guarantees that anything will come back at all....:(

CAM Craft
Fri 09 July 2010, 04:27
does the R1600 incl the return flight

Fri 09 July 2010, 05:47
Suppose not. That is a lot of money. Why not pop it into a bubble envelope and into the post ?

Gerald D
Fri 09 July 2010, 06:30
The return flight will be paid by Gecko (if they deem the drives to be repairable).

I have already lost 4 new gecko's in the post office system. Kobus, if you are happy to use the post office, then why bother to share cost with a guaranteed delivery system?

Jan de Ruyter
Fri 09 July 2010, 09:30
There is a postal service available, but ONLY at the airports; called First Flight. Was used in the good old days where the important envelope was personally handed to the pilot. Used that to get things out of the country REAL FAST and inexpensive. Got a delivery next day in Zürich for a few Rand. But, only available at the counter of the post office at the airport. Less risk of "pilferage". Destination doesn't matter.

Fri 09 July 2010, 13:21
As I have new type of drives available I don't think that price for postage will be beneficial to me. I just thought to have them fixed to donate them to somebody that needs them in future. So if somebody want to have them fixed (maybe) and send them with Gerald, feel free to contact me so that we can arrange postage.