View Full Version : running stepper motor with printer data pcb board

Mon 14 June 2010, 06:56

i have got a stepper motor(i think it is 12V) from a laser printer. I am thinking to run it through large floppy drive (about 5"), but i think it could not run it with full power. thats why i want to use printer's data pcb board to run it. but i need some guide about pins of data and power connector. plz may you help me.

Thanks in advance


Mon 14 June 2010, 07:30
Asad, this forum concentrates primarily on constructing MechMate CNC routers, and MechMates are not generally built from those types of parts.

I suggest that you ask the question elsewhere. Unfortunately, the type of information you are requesting is generally proprietary to the manufacturers, and may not be readily available. If there are any part numbers on the motor, you might try googling on them. The printer's pcb board is probably not reusable.