View Full Version : Finding a VFD to suit a 3kW spindle in Denmark

Fri 05 February 2010, 04:08
hey all.
Is there someone who can recommend a VFD to suit a 3kW spindel from China, I have abandoned the VFD (Huanyang HY02D223B) That i got with it. it is burnt off ..... :-) There were 2 of the 3 phases going in to the spindel that by accident crossed and then there was smoke coming from the VFD.

Gerald D
Fri 05 February 2010, 06:32
Nikolaj, you are in Denmark, so it is difficult to recommend a VFD brand to you. Check with your local "shops" to see what they have. Don't tell them it is for a Chinese spindle, because that will make no sense to them. Any VFD that will drive standard 3-phase electrical motor will work. Tell them you want up to 400Hz frequency output. (that is 24 000 rpm) - some VFD's only go 300Hz (18 000 rpm)

Fri 05 February 2010, 07:25
thanks a lot Gerald..... :)

Sun 07 February 2010, 06:16
Ah smoked - that's why I like Delta's, a wire short on a delta gets it to fault - without any harm to the drive or motor.

Sun 07 February 2010, 06:24
Care to share how your chinese VFD burnt? I'm in progress to commission mine, your experience would help me avoid making potential smoke.

PS, my project budget had over ran... by a big margin... My better half is suspicious of a mysterious mistress... :(