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Mon 11 January 2010, 02:28
I did a quick google for movie editting and the list goes on & on... To save time, could anyone point me a no frill direction?



Mon 11 January 2010, 04:36
Hi Ken

If you are using windows on your PC then an easy choice is "Window movie maker". As you say there are lots of choices out there,
and It's not the best, but it's free, relatively straightforward and there is alot of help available on the net.
Have a look for it on your computer as it could already be installed or alternatively you can download it from microsoft.
Just google for windows movie maker and the version of windows you are using.e.g. "Windows movie maker XP".

Here's a link to getting started using wmm http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/moviemaker/default.mspx

Once your video is edited, choose the "Publish Movie" or "Save Movie File" option (depending on which version you have) under the
"File" menu and create a video file such as .wmv or .avi from the choices given.
It's probably best to go for the recommended setting of .wmv with the highest quality, but you may want to experiment with .avi files.

The .wmv file (or .avi file)that you have saved is then the one you upload to youtube.


Mon 11 January 2010, 06:42
Thank you Greeny for your prompt help.

Unfortunately, my camera video file format is Quicktime movie (.MOV)... the window movie maker don't see eye to eye with that..

Mon 11 January 2010, 07:02
It think VLC (free) might beable to convert from MOV to WMV.
I also found this link : http://www.pazera-software.com/products/mov-to-avi-converter/ (use at your own risk, the site looks weird to me as in might contain virus).

According to a help from Microsoft you need to buy: http://www.microsoft.com/expression/products/Encoder_Overview.aspx

I usually have good results with FFMpeg http://www.videohelp.com/tools/WinFF but it's a bit more of a techie program.

Last site : http://paininthetech.com/2006/03/12/convert-quicktime-videos-to-avi-for-free

As a mac user I am blessed with lot's of graphical tools, not so much with CAD/CAM thought...


Mon 11 January 2010, 07:59
Found this freeware http://www.easy-video-converter.com/
Can convert between the full assortment of video format. & no brainer to use as well.

Now I'll convert them to WMV & edit witht the Window movie Maker. yes, it was pre-loaded on my PC.

Now I'll have a go with my virgin u-tube... Wish me luck.

Mon 11 January 2010, 10:38
Sounds like your ready to rock!
good luck!

Thu 14 January 2010, 14:40
Ken, that is the soft I was looking for. My cam also makes only .mov and now I can use them in WMM.:D

Fri 15 January 2010, 06:44
Thanks for the blessing greeny.

Claus, glad it helps.

Fri 15 January 2010, 18:37
I would like to do some movies for my site and Utube. What do I need in the way of a camera? Want to get the right one the first time but never worked with one so I need your help.

Fri 15 January 2010, 20:28

if you care a bit about quality then the Canon HF200 is a very nice camera. it's good because it can record in HD at 24MBS, but you can also lower that to lower bitrates.
It also doesn't have a audible camera zoom so you won't here the camera when it's zooming in and out on your video's.

If you are planning to do any podcast sort of work then it's a must to have a external mic input, something this camera also has and most camera's won't have, I checked that and not many camera's have mic input!!!! So in noisy environments you can get a external mic and still get good audio quality from what you are saying.

For taking your regular family/holiday movies this camera will stand up quite well and better against others camera's in the same price range.
Yes you can get cheaper camera's then this one, but finding one in this price range that give you the same quality it's near impossible.