View Full Version : 10 20 235 Placement question - where does this part go?

Tue 17 April 2007, 22:24
Been reading the plans alot lately since I am about to get a little time, to MAYBE start a build. I am not seeing or understanding the placment or use of this item. Probably right under my nose and just not seeing it. Can you shed some light on it?

Tue 17 April 2007, 23:20
When having problems like this, look at the top left corner of the title block of a drawing. In this case it says: Higher drawings: 10 20 200 A (1x assembly per gantry).

On drawing 10 20 200 A you will see 10 20 235 mentioned.

It goes down the inside of the gantry tubes, and it acts as a row of nuts for the screws that hold the y-rail down.

Wed 18 April 2007, 08:22
That is what I was thinking, just never could confirm it.