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Mon 26 October 2009, 12:25
ok I'm not a big electro-niks specialist ...

I have a little problem with connecting my motors with my g203v drives. in bipolar(parallel) the motors is from motionking http://www.motionking.com/show_products_detail.asp?ID=12&fenlei_ID=2 my problem is that I am not quite sure whether I should use all 8 wires,
or just 4 off them, because the Gecko's has only 4 entries for motors.
I would rather not do something stupid and burn a motor or somthing like that.

Mon 26 October 2009, 12:27
they are the ones labeled: 34hs9801

Robert M
Tue 27 October 2009, 05:37
Have a look at the bottom of the link page you are giving, indication of the color wire to select are there except for the bipolar parallel.
But as most members here, it is recommended to connect in half coil as it is sufficient and giving you an alternative other half coil if ever something may happen !
If you still figure you need the extra torque, remember, it will require you the extra current too !
As for wiring them in bipolar parallel, refer to the oriental motor pdf Iíve included

( note, in this oriental motor spec sheet, wire color are not MotionKing, you will need to refer back to the MotionKing diagram from that same sheet sheet and simply deduct ) !

Good luck , Robert ;)

Tue 27 October 2009, 08:41

Robert gave excellent advice. Wiring a motor bipolar parallel gives 1.4X as much torque, but it also greatly increases the heat produced by that motor.

If you really need to wire the motor bipolar parallel, the Motion King diagram shows the following:

Red wire and Blue wire are connected to the Gecko's 'A' terminal.
Yellow wire and Black wire are connected to the Gecko's '/A' terminal.

White wire and Brown wire are connected to the Gecko's 'B' terminal.
Orange wire and Green wire are connected to the Gecko's '/B' terminal.

Because the motors have 4.1 mH inductance, you could use a power supply up to 65VDC.

The motors draw about 4A, so you would use the closest standard 1/4 watt resistor to 62K as a current limiting resistor on the G203v stepper drivers.

Robert M
Tue 27 October 2009, 08:49
Mike, I simply passing along knowledge & good advises acquired from a master in this filed we all know all so much.... Robert ;)

Wed 28 October 2009, 00:43
I must say I have little difficulty in all the electronics, but I understand it quietly ...! the reason I want to connect them bipolar (parallel) is that John from kellinger said:
(You need wire the motor as a biploar, do not use as unipolar, you use torque)
my power supply is reasonably powerful,
it's here :http://www.kelinginc.net/KL-6520.pdf

but thanks you both ,it is nice there are some who have surplus to help with explanations and corrections when a cabinetmaker throws himself into something he never tried before ... :)