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Tue 25 August 2009, 16:49
Hi from France,

Who know this card http://www.pico-systems.com/univstep.html ?

Now we have driver like G203 which make Ásteps up to 1/256 or more, input pulse up 300 khz, but our BOB is limited at 15/20khz in the best case.

On the most of our MechMate
We can found: stepper gearedmotor 1/3.6 - 35 teeths (109.96 mm per turn) - Ásteps 1/10 - resolution 0.015 mm - one turn = 7200 pulses ( 7.2 khz)

With universal stepper controller, we can use 1/32 Ásteps/resolution = 0.0043

=> one turn / s need 23 040 pulses => impossible with normal computer

Displacement on the X axis, high speed for example 300 mm/s need 2.73 turns pinion and 62 899 pulses or frequency of 62 khz.

All this seems possible with this card ? Magic or truth ? easy to install ?

What is your opinion ?



Gerald D
Tue 25 August 2009, 21:41
Thierry, there are a couple of cards which will generate the steps outside of your PC. Most people use the SmoothStepper (http://www.warp9td.com/index.php) because it is supported by the Mach3 software. (The Pico UnivStep runs with EMC2 software).

In France you also have http://www.techlf.com/ with some controllers. I am sure that there are many more.