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Fri 12 June 2009, 14:17
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I was perusing some software sites the other day and found mynesting.com
Their software must integrate with others, but it basically takes
files of parts that need to be cut, and optimizes the layout on sheets to help get the most yield out of each sheet.

I have seen stuff like this for cutting with plasma but not for router cutting.

It is an 'addin' for sheetcam currently, and probably some others.

Has anyone tried it? Are there other alternatives?

(It is currently free for use while still in beta. It will be a charge for by the job once in production mode. Like $7.50 to $5/job, but that could be several sheets. If it saves 30% more than 'hand layout' on a $50 sheet of wood, that saved $15 in wood.)

Sat 13 June 2009, 04:02

Vectric - Aspire software has a nesting function included in the new version. I have played with it and it works very well. It has some issues. I believe that VCarve Pro also has the nesting function.

Nesting is a complicated task.

I believe some of the other CAM programs also have nesting included. You have to decided what CAM software you are going to use and try the nesting function. You can some times nest things your self better than the software can but it can be a useful tool if you are cutting lots of parts out of a single sheet of material.

Greg J
Thu 18 June 2009, 20:54
Vcarve Pro V5 also has a nesting function.

Tue 30 March 2010, 15:33
How well does the nesting work in Vcarve Pro V5? As to compared manually doing it.

Tue 30 March 2010, 15:47

Nesting of parts is difficult for software to do. It will always be easier to perform the task manually if you are looking to have the best nested parts but it will take longer to do than it will by the nesting function for complicated parts. I have used the nesting feature in Aspire and for complicated parts, I usually end up moving some of the parts around. For simple cut outs, the nesting fuction will usually do a better job of nesting the parts and do it quicker.

Wed 31 March 2010, 13:40
Just remember to GROUP all the parts together that belongs together before you use the nesting function otherwise you end up with pieces on one side and the holes for those pieces on the other side. I give Vcarve the first opportunity to nest, then I might adjust some of the pieces manually after that.