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Tue 02 June 2009, 13:39
Okay so i was doing some research to find a small 3 axis driver for a scaled down model just before i build so i could have something to show some sponsors for a business plan... Well i ran across this driver it seems that it could run the full size mechmate with 640oz motors rated at 5.6amps... I was wondering what you all thought... i figured i could get this to save a feww hundred dollars at first then upgrade to kelinginc drivers... or maybe servos... Fact is im a college student and to be able to afford the better quality parts im going to have to upgrade not by right away... Thanks for your help (link follows)


Tue 02 June 2009, 13:59
This to me looks like a low end driver. There is only provision for full or half step and you select this by changing an IC on the board. There is no mid band resonance compensation, and it is not apparent how they do current limiting to the motors if at all. There is also no mention of standby current reduction to keep your motors cool, and also looks like there is no easy way to heatsink the motor drive mosfets, although they insist you use a fan to cool them.

Have you looked at the G540 from Geckodrive? It might be a little more money, but the support and features may make it a better insvestment?

Sorry to ramble, I only took a quick look at the driver so I may have missed some points here. :)

Tue 02 June 2009, 14:05
Yeah i was actually thinking the same thing... Umm so you think i should just wait and get something betteR? And the gecko wont run something at 5.6 amps will it? wouldnt i need seperate drivers? plus if i were to get a gecko i think i would just spend the money on kelinginc because just for a little bit more the resolution is double to triple that of a gecko... I very well could be mistaking on the resolution

Gerald D
Tue 02 June 2009, 14:23
Here is an experience of a DIY drive: http://www.mechmate.com/forums/showthread.php?p=25170#post25170

Tue 02 June 2009, 14:35
Gerald do you think the kelinginc drivers are as good or better then the geckos? this is the one i was looking at for a 640 oz motor running at 6.0 amps http://kelinginc.net/KL-8060.pdf

Tue 02 June 2009, 15:38

Being a college student makes buying parts and pieces difficult, but never forget that you get what you pay for. Every company is in business to make money. That includes companies like Geckodrive and Keling. The Gecko products are considered to be the very best of the low cost stepper drivers. Many companies throughout the world have literally copied the G201 stepper driver design and then sold the pirated copy as their own design. Others have slightly modified the design and then sold the modified design as their own design. To combat that stealing, Geckodrive has released new and better products regularly. The G202 is better than the G201. The G203v is much better than the G202. New designs are in process that will be better than the G203v.

(I'm not inferring that Keling has copied a Gecko product.)

Since you live in the USA, do what you can to buy the real thing. If you buy an inferior product, you'll have to replace it, which will cost much more than buying right the first time. We're talking about $600, which is only 100 hours at minimum wage. Spending a month's worth of week-ends to earn enough money at a side job seems like a small price to pay to get the best.

Tue 02 June 2009, 15:42
I have ordered from Claudia at driver-motor.com

I haven't yet received the units but the pricing was quite good.

They sell a driver which should run a 5.6a stepper and features idle current reduction and switch-settable current limits, for just a little more than the link you gave.


I have no experience with the products yet.

Tue 02 June 2009, 15:49
The Kelling drives do not have midband compensation or the Geckos microstep to full step morphing capabilities. The Gecko 203V is a far superior drive. They also have the best support in the business. They will warranty a drive almost forever. I notice Kelling also sells Gecko drives. The difference in price seems minimal to me.

Geez, sounds like I work for them. :) ( I dont :) )

Tue 09 June 2009, 18:48
Hey thanks guys im very happy with your comments... im working on getting a couple of used g201's and a couple month old 203v... so hopefully i wont have to buy them all for full price.