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Sun 12 April 2009, 07:12
A brief update on what’s been happening here.
I spent some time fabricating a pen holder so that I could draw some cross's in the corners of the machine, the purpose being to square it all up. I could have just followed Gerald’s squaring directions but where would be the fun in that :). After a few hours of fabricating and cross drawing the machine is now .5 mm out of square (it was 5mm out to start with :o ) I will spend some more time on this soon to get it better I just cant live with it the way it is :rolleyes: .

Oh and the postman delivered this last week...


The spending never stops. I have hooked it all up temporarily to test it works and also to do initial setup. As others have found it is important to set the motor parameters into the VFD before trying to make the spindle turn. Failing to do this may result in damage to the spindle and/or VFD.
Some may notice the white tape on the collet nut. This is a target for my optical tacho so that I can confirm the VFD if displaying the correct RPM. An interesting observation for those of you without a tacho. Here in Australia our mains power is 240 volts at 50 Hz (it's the 50 Hz that's important). Fluorescent lighting "flickers" at a rate of 50Hz here so if you have a target stuck onto the nut it will appear stationary at 50Hz or 3000 rpm and at multiples of 50 so 100 Hz is 6000rpm with the same result (100Hz x 60 seconds = 6000 RPM). Just some more useless information. This little fact also means that to use my optical tacho I need to turn off the shed lights and turn on a torch otherwise the tacho just reads 3000 rpm no matter where you point it. I am surprised that in the dark the VFD didn't end up in the bucket of water on the floor under it. I guess you have to be lucky some times.
I have to order some aluminium during the week to make the mounting brackets so at present I have only been doing bench testing. I may have to look at getting a different pump as it does not seem capable enough. It is rated at 12 litres per minute but once restricted to the smaller size tubing (only restricted once it gets to the spindle) it is only passing 250 to 300 ml/min. This still seems to be plenty for testing and very well may be enough when running but I would like to get another 100 to 200 ml/min just to be sure. All the same I will monitor the temperature of the water and the flow just to make sure things don't get out of hand.

I have noted that it looks like there have been some markings removed from the spindle, and I'm not sure why


Can anyone confirm what is usually marked on the third line, is it anything important?
For those that have more knowledge on water cooled spindles than I what do you use to cool them (apart from water :rolleyes:) Do I use automotive coolant or is there something else I should be trying to procure?

That’s it...

'till next time.


Sun 12 April 2009, 07:36

That spindle looks great, and already running.:) Was the VFD RPM accurate?

Best of luck with your spindle set-up...already looking forward to more updates when you get it hooked up.:D


Sun 12 April 2009, 07:42
Hi John,

The RPM is accurate now that I have set the parameters correctly. ;)

Yep, there should be more updates soon. I can't wait to get it cutting.


Sun 12 April 2009, 21:19
HI Jayson - for the benefit of others can you list out the parameters which you set on this VFD -

one basic doubt - don't laugh at me :D - when you were setting up the VFD was it connected to the spindle? I mean when you powered it up.


Sun 12 April 2009, 22:33
Hi IRfan,

Yes the spindle was connected when I was setting up the VFD. I was unsure if the VFD would be damaged if I accidentily started it without a load connected.

All settings are default except for:-

PD003 Main Frequency 25.0
PD004 Base Frequency 400.0
PD005 Max Operating Frequency 400.0
PD023 Rev. Rotation Select 0
PD141 Rated Motor Voltage 220
PD142 Rated Motor Current 7.5
PD144 Rated Motor Revolution 3000

I don't think I have missed any. These are just initial settings and I am sure there will be changes once I get the spindle mounted but for now they are working. I have PD003 set at 25 so that when I press start the spindle runs at 1500 rpm just to prevent running it full speed until I get it mounted and also to prevent bearing damage. I have PD023 set to 0 as I do not require the spindle to run in reverse as my cutters do not work very well turning backwards.

I hope this helps someone.



Gerald D
Sun 12 April 2009, 22:46
I would like to copy the last few posts over to a thread for setting up spindles, but I need the name of the VFD for the title please?

Sun 12 April 2009, 23:10
You certainly may have the name of the VFD.
It is a Huanyang HY02D223B.
Purchased from ebay and shipped from China.

Only time will tell if it was a worthwhile purchase.

Sun 26 April 2009, 15:45

In first i'm FRench , excuse for my english :)

I will receive a Huanyang VFD 4HP 3Kw, and i have one question about the groung connecting.

For the in power you plug 2 phases on R S or T and the ground on E.

For the motor do you plug it to the ground on connector E
On the diagramm there is no link between the motor and the ground.

Thank you for your help :D


Sat 16 May 2009, 21:35
I got the exact same motor and drive from eBay. Thought i'd add some info i found.

Mine came with a Chinese manual but there was an English translation posted at cnczone here (http://www.cnczone.com/forums/showthread.php?p=595342#post595342). Its not perfect but will get you going.

Some things to note:
The VFD has an RS-485 port which the manual says is a MODBUS port. But the comms protocol doesn't adhere to the MODBUS protocol which is very annoying. I was planning on using a Brain in Mach3 to get the running amps displayed but now i have to use a MacroPump.

In order to for the VFD to recieve 'RS-485/MODBUS' commands PD001 & PD002 must be set to 2.

The 'RS-485/MOSBUS' comms example for FUNC codes 01 & 02 are wrong. The FUNC codes 01 and 02 can be used to write to any of the PDxxx control parameters. The manual shows the example to write PD003 to set 30Hz as
[01 02 03 00 0B B8 7F 0C] But the fourth byte should be the parameter number you want to set, hence with new checksum the command is
[01 02 03 03 0B B8 8F 0C].

The other weird thing (IMHO) is that if you send the RUN command via RS-485 (FUNC=03) it doesn't use the PD003 parameter to set the speed. It uses the value set by sending FUNC=05.

Sun 26 July 2009, 07:29
im from poland ;)i buy HY02D223B in ebay ;)i want ask how can stop programing and how return to previous settings .
im sorry but my english is not good ;)
thank's very very much!!!!

Tue 28 July 2009, 04:52
Hi Gregor,

To enter and exit programming mode you just press the program button. Once you have made a change and press prg, it is changed. If you want to restore the factory default settings you need to set PD013 to 08. This will reset the unit back to the state it was when you purchased it.

I hope this helps.



Wed 12 August 2009, 20:52
Does anyone know how to connect the braking resistor and what value/wattage it should be? There is very little info in the 'Engrish' manual but i'm sure its simialr to other VFDs. I want it to brake in an e-stop condition but don't want to do damage with induced overvoltage....

Sun 15 November 2009, 09:03
Hi everyone, HY02D223B and matching water cooled spindle. I have problem with the unit. It does not display any sorts of errors but the speed seems to be too low. When I use it with solid carbide endmill to cut some wood then the bit burns and leaves burnt marks on the wood as well. I suspect speed to be too slow. I tried setting different PDs but no change. I have PD144 for 3000, PD300 for 50, PD400 for 400 and PD500 for 400. I also have PD01 and PD02 set for operator mode, using front pannel of VFD to change parameters. I also have Amps and 220v set correctly. Can you please help me sort this problem. I have read all the posts in this forum applied all I could and still no change. I even found this parameter data sheet and changed all the settings according to it.

Bill Dupuis
Mon 17 May 2010, 12:57
Bonjour Darkmoul
Je suis Canadiens francais (du Quebec)
Je suis en train de me fabriquer un cnc et j'ai acheter moi aussi un spindle comme le votre, et j'aimerais le connecter en modbus pour pouvoir avoir un controle total sur Mach3, avez-vous quelques suggestions.
Norbert Dupuis

Mon 24 May 2010, 10:27
im not sure hove to connect the 2.2kv spindel and VFD Huanyang HY02D223B to my pmdx-107 speed controller, if anyone can look at my DXF file and point me in the rigth direction if my drawing is not rigth i apriciate it
in advans Thanks

Fri 11 June 2010, 04:30
Hi all I have the HY02D223B as well. It was running perfect for months until now, when I power it up it says E.ou.S I have check that my power is 220V exactly. so what you guys think of this?

Sat 29 March 2014, 16:03
I have a HYD2D223B VFD that starts up but when I hit the run button no spindle movement. I have had the VFD for several years with no problem anybody have any idea what could be the problem?

Tom Ayres
Sat 29 March 2014, 21:45
Give us a bit more info about your setup and how you operate it. Do you use a spindle control board? Do you run it manually? Meaning, do you walk to the VFD and press run or is it controlled by Mach? Have you changed any of the configuration recently in mach or in the vfd itself? Added new screenset, plug-ins or changed something?

Mon 29 October 2018, 17:06
Hi, I'm late to the party but can someone give me a quick rundown of 3phase vs. Single phase power to this setup? We got the same thing and a phase converter, right now I basically have a three prong dryer outlet and not much idea what to do with it. Do I run a dryer plug straight into the Huanyang, or would it benefit me at all to run through the phase converter? I would like to the leave the dryer plug if possible so we could maybe run other tools for futureproofing's sake. I am only getting power from the wall to the unit, someone else is gonna set the unit up but I need to get it done before he shows up.

Wed 31 October 2018, 03:07
I have just installed that VFD.
I have 220v single phase via a 3 pin socket to the VFD.
No problems there.
Runs fine.

The only problem I have had is RF.
Shielded cable arrive yesterday after a 3 week wait.
Fitted it today.
Find out tomorrow if it works.

Fri 02 November 2018, 08:25
Just for case i mention, that VFD must be too shielded. That means it must be on separate grounded metal enclosure. It generates lots of RF noise.