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Fri 10 April 2009, 11:32
Hi Mike - I have a delta vfd too - can you print or PM me the program setting for the Delta VFD pls

I tried attaching the manual - but ran out of attachment quota provided to me.

if you can PM me your email id I will email the pdf doc.

Thanks in Advance.


Fri 10 April 2009, 12:05
I would be happy to help, Irfan, as long as your machine is exactly like mine. I have a 3hp Colombo spindle that does not have ceramic bearings, so I had to limit the speed of the spindle. My PRT-Alpha turns the spindle on/off via the its own controller, so my settings to control the startup and running of the spindle would be different from the settings others would use if they started and stopped their spindles from the VFD's keypad or if they used an accessory board to control the spindle's speed from their cut files. I have also added a Line-In reactor, a Line-Out reactor and an EMI filter to my unit, which required changes to the settings to better accommodate the add-ons.

In other words, the settings for my VFD work very well for me, but they could cause problems if the components that you use are different. That is one of the reasons that buying a pre-programmed VFD/Spindle/cable package usually costs several hundred dollars more than just buying the components separately. Programming a VFD is not difficult, but it takes time and effort to fully understand each programming parameter and it takes additional time to test the various settings to find those that best match your requirements. In the Delta VFD manual, section 5, which contains detailed information about programming the unit, is one-hundred-six pages long. Each page needs to be studied and understood if you expect to have the unit perform properly - that's why I bought my unit pre-programmed and pre-assembled. The programming options sheet that came with the unit only required me to check a few of the parameters so that I oculd select the mode that the VFD used when it was first turned on (RPM/Amps/etc.).

Fri 10 April 2009, 22:37
90% of the options are not needed for a simple spindle application.

Thats the exact reason - due to which I need pointers -

Mike - I wont be setting exactly like yours - but I am so confused looking at the programming options - I just want to know what options you were asked to be used - I will set my own values.
I have a Line in EMI filter but no reactors.

Thanks in Advance

Btw here is the Manual - Thank you G' for increasing my attachment quota


Gerald D
Sat 11 April 2009, 01:16
These are the only pencil notes in my Delta VFD-S manual:
1-00 : 300
1-01 : 300
1-02 : 230 (being used on 230V single phase)
1-03 : 175
1-04 : 120
1-05 : 50
You can find an online copy of the manual to see what they mean

Sat 11 April 2009, 08:41
This is the list that I have on my motor settings sheet:

3hp / Single Phase 240VAC
00-02 = 00 Parameter Reset
00-03 = 03 Start-up display
00-04 = 07 Display actual motor speed
00-05 = 60.0 Frequency multiplier (60.0 X 300 = 18,000 RPM)
01-00 = 300 Max output frequency
01-01 = 300 Max voltage frequency
01-02 = 220.0 Max output voltage
02-00 = 00 Source of frequency command
02-01 = 00 Source of first operational command
02-02 = 00 Ramp to stop / E.F. coast to stop
02-03 = 09 PWM Carrier Frequency
02-04 = 01 Disable reverse rotation
02-05 = 00 2-wire FWD/STOP, REV/STOP
02-10 = 00 Keypad entry of speed
02-13 = 00 Source of secondary frequency command
02-14 = 00 Source of secondary frequency command
03-01 = 08 MO1 shows fault condition
03-12 = 00 Fan always on
04-07 = 20 M14 Emergency Stop (N/C)
06-06 = 00 Electronic thermal overload relay
07-00 = 78 Motor current rating
07-04 = 04 Number of poles in motor

Parameter 02-03 is especially important to minimize electronic noise from the VFD.

Gerald D
Sat 11 April 2009, 09:34
07-04 = 04 Number of poles in motor

Mike, I am totally convinced that your spindle is 2 pole.

Gerald D
Sat 11 April 2009, 09:52
Here (http://www.delta.com.tw/product/em/download/download_main.asp?act=3&pid=1&cid=1&tpid=1) is the download page for Delta (http://www.delta.com.tw/product/em/drive/ac_motor/ac_motor_main.asp) manuals

Gerald D
Sat 11 April 2009, 10:45
00-05 = 60.0 Frequency multiplier (60.0 X 300 = 18,000 RPM)

That formula is for a 2-pole motor.

Looking at your bench saw type motor on fixed 60 Hz frequency. A 2-pole motor would be just a bit under 3600 rpm and a 4-pole just under 1800 rpm.

If the frequency is 5 times higher than 60Hz, (equal to 300Hz), those speeds multiply by factor 5. Therefore, a 2-pole goes from 3600 to 18000 and a 4 pole goes from 1800 to 9000 rpm.

It seems that your settings are giving you a display of half motor speed, and that your spindle is going twice as fast as what the display shows. Don't you find that your spindle stops increasing speed (by ear) in the displayed range above 9000rpm? (because that is the 300Hz limit at 01-00)

Sat 11 April 2009, 12:04
That seems to be a lot of help ! Thank you Folks!

I will use this when connecting the spindle - ( I am very near to that!)


Sat 11 April 2009, 13:42

You're probably right. I just checked the VFD to verify that I didn't have a typo. Parameter 07-04 does equal 04. The manual lists 04 as the default setting, and that's the way that the VFD came pre-programmed.

Unfortunately, I was just on my way out when I checked the forum, so I can't test anything for about eight hours. I'll report back later.

Sat 11 April 2009, 18:25

I'm completely confused. The only on-line information that I found that references the number of poles on a Colombo spindle is from PDS Colombo, the company that distributes Colombo spindles in the U.S.A. This minor reference is the only data on their site that references the number of poles. (I've edited out most of the information, but all the deleted data is available by clicking on the link):


RS 73 2 or 3 0-18,000 or 0-24,000 12,000-18,000 or 18,000-24,000 24,000 17 / 20 ER20 / ER25 1/2" / 5/8"

* Available in 2 or 4 Pole
* Standard voltage 220/380 or 230/460 V. Single voltage available

(My unit is 3hp, air-cooled, with top-mounted fan.)

While listening to the spindle, there is a very detectable sound difference at each increase in speed. Normally I warm up the spindle starting at 3,000 RPM for about two minutes and then increase the speed by 1,000 RPM each minute until I hit 15,000 RPM. Each increase in speed has a corresponding higher-pitched sound.

On Monday, I'll try to contact PDS Colombo to see what's going on. I remember calling Shopbot about that setting when I first installed the machine, but I never contacted PDS Colombo.

Gerald D
Sun 12 April 2009, 00:12
Mike, what does the nameplate on the spindle say?

Gerald D
Sun 12 April 2009, 04:02
Mike, I wouldn't lose much sleep over this. If you did have a factor 2x discrepancy, your cutters would have complained. It just seems to be a issue of setting various multiplying factors to get the right display and it seems you are getting the right display.

Sun 12 April 2009, 09:50
The two PDS Colombo name plates shows nothing about the number of poles, just the usual Voltage (220), RPM 18,000 and 24,000, Hz (300 for 18,000, 400 for 24,000), Kw 2.2, HP 3, A 8.6, Type 73 and Serial number 051221.

Gerald D
Sun 12 April 2009, 10:07
Mike, if it says "RPM 18,000 and 24,000, Hz (300 for 18,000, 400 for 24,000)" that is enough: it is 2-pole for sure.

Sun 12 April 2009, 10:43
Here is a formula that I have in some of my reference material that might help. Synchronous speed = 120 x Frequency/Number of poles. The generators that I use to run were 2 and 4 pole machines and ran at 1800 rpm and 3600 rpm at 60Hz.

Mon 13 April 2009, 09:08
I just talked with Todd Brooks at PDS (US distributor of Colombo spindles). He verified that Gerald is correct and that the spindle is a 2-pole spindle. He also verified that PDS leaves the Delta VFD parameter setting 07-04 = 04. He had been told that other settings over-ride the setting for the number of poles.

Because I am curious, I changed 07-04 = 02 (two pole) and then tried various speeds. All speeds sounded the same at either setting, but when I reached 18,000 RPM (which is the upper limit with the VFD programmed as 07-04 = 04), I was able to go to 19,000 RPM by pressing the up-arrow key (with 07-04=02).

So, with only that limited amount of testing. It appears that with 07-04 = 04, the speed limit /frequency setting works properly. With the setting changed to 07-04 = 02, the speed limit does not function as expected. Whether that is a flaw in the Delta or whether there might be other settings that need to be changed is something that I haven't looked at yet. But, as Todd said, if it works, why change it?

Tue 28 April 2009, 22:40
Mike - For a single phase input what would be the recommended circuit breaker rating(Amps)? ie., for a 2.2kw spindle vfd arrangement @ 220V AC input.


Gerald D
Wed 29 April 2009, 00:34
Irfan, the manual for the VFD normally suggests fuse/breaker ratings.

Wed 29 April 2009, 08:40
You'll find the official ratings in appendix 'B' in the manual. Remember that a fuse is picked to keep the WIRE temperature at a safe level, so you also need to verify that the wiring is the proper gauge.

The chart on page B.10 (page B-39) for the VDF022B21A model (3hp, 2.2kW, 240VAC 1-phase according to figure 1.1.2 on page 1-1) shows that you need a 50A line fuse (Bussmann P/N JJN-50), a 22A input fuse and a 11A output fuse.

BE SURE than you use proper gauge wire if you use those recommended fuses. (50A requires 6 gauge copper wire, 22A requires 10 gauge and 11A requires 14 gauge - where I live.)

Wed 29 April 2009, 12:28
Mike - in the manual it ask's for a 50 A CB - which is ridiculous - though I may be wrong.

My whole shop is wired on 3 sq mm wiring - and the main electrical board has a 32A CB.

I have to think on your last line - I may just go in for a CB and a lower current rated one -

Vishnu is powering his VFD with the same stepper motor cable which is 0.75 sq mm - I keep telling him how wrong he is - hope he reads this.

if something goes wrong - it can be mighty wrong in this case - maybe - hope not.

- G' once told me his entire wiring is 3 sq mm - ok this has me pretty confused now.

have to know what others are using?

may be i just fuss a lot about things - and I need to just go ahead and chk with what I have :(


Gerald D
Wed 29 April 2009, 12:38
Most of my wiring is 2.5 mm2 and is protected by 20 Amp circuit breakers. This works fine for a Delta VFD on 230V single-phase powering a 3kW spindle.

My deduction is that the VFD guys ask for high rating fuses/breakers because they want to avoid "nuisance tripping" when starting heavy motors. Our spindles are low inertia and start without load, so we can go down on wire diameters and fuses/breakers to protect those wires.

Wed 29 April 2009, 13:21
Point taken G'

will just barge in now - the week end's the limit :D

Wed 29 April 2009, 20:17
I only have 50A to power my entire shop. I run a Shopbot PRT-Alpha, a 2hp dust collector, two FEIN vacuums and a 3hp spindle without problems. I often also run a PC-7518 router at the router table while everything else is running.

I have 6-gauge wire going to the sub-panel to satisfy the inspector, but only 10-gauge wire going to the VFD (protected with a 25A circuit breaker). The spindle and the VFD were pre-wired, but it looks like 12-gauge wire.

Normally, I run the spindle at 6A or less, which is only about half power.