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Sat 21 February 2009, 07:26
I'm looking at the gecko 210 for the start of my mechmate (found 4 at a relatively cheap price). How would these work for my project. Keep in mind that I plan on building a 60" x 144" for making cabinet parts.

Gerald D
Sat 21 February 2009, 08:12
They will work, but you will be safer in converting those drives to G201 first, by removing the step multiplier

See manual: http://www.geckodrive.com/upload/G210-REV-11-MANUAL.pdf

The step multiplier has been known to accumulate errors.

Sat 21 February 2009, 13:33
Gerald, I'm assuming you mean to physically remove the multiplier from the board. The instructions do not cover this:

The G210A has a built in STEP PULSE MULTIPLIER. This circuit makes the G210 selectable for full-step, half-step, 5 microstep
and 10 microstep operation. In all cases the motor will move with microstep smoothness. Use the MULTIPLIER HEADER to
select the desired resolution. Do not operate the drive without a jumper."

Am I right?

Sat 21 February 2009, 14:13
Never mind. Looked down a little further and there it was!!!