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Thu 22 January 2009, 07:00
Is there anyone using Aspire yet? If so what option did you use for Mach?

Sat 19 December 2009, 05:58
Mach 2/3 Arcs (mm) .txt

Sat 19 December 2009, 09:07
I use V-carve pro. and I also use Mach 2/3 Arcs (mm) as my PP.
Niels Yours vill be the Mach 2/3 Arcs (inch). The ATC is for Automatic tool changer

normand blais
Thu 14 January 2010, 07:42
Indexer 3d unwarping tutorial for aspire
Maybe usefull to peoples having to unwrap their files to get them to work on indexer?

Thu 14 January 2010, 19:00
Is there anyone using Aspire yet? If so what option did you use for Mach?

I would be interested in a discussion of using Aspire vs VCarvePro. I am at that stage and don't want to get too little (or pay for too much) capability.


Thu 14 January 2010, 20:37
The Vectric software is popular and I would imagine many MM users would use one of their products.

A good place to start as a reference would be this comparison chart.


Worth noting that there is only a $50 disadvantage to buying Vcarve Pro and then upgrading to Aspire a bit later.


Thu 14 January 2010, 20:48
I'm using Aspire with my Mechmate. I also upgraded from V-carve pro. Aspire takes it to the next level with it's 3d modeling. Aspire is a lot more bang for the buck than Artcam or Mastercam. But each has it's followers. And each is only as good as the person behind the software. I stuck with Vectric products because I could upgrade as I go.

Thu 14 January 2010, 21:07
I can understand the more bang for the buck, but is it 1400 dollars worth of bang?

Fri 15 January 2010, 03:07
I`m also using Aspire. I bought it because it has many features already built in, like VCarve, 2D, 3D a.s.o.
I was a little disappointed that they did not also fit in the PhotoCarve feature at this price, then it would have been a real Combo and one step ahead of all other.

normand blais
Fri 15 January 2010, 06:14
I put the link for indexer so people dont get to disapointed to find that Aspire or vetric
wont do indexer carving. Only unwrapping the toolpath

Fri 15 January 2010, 12:21
I guess the question I have; are there any parts of Aspire that folks use under normal circumstances that are not available in VCarve. Looking at the comparison sheet from Greg's post above (#6), the only features unique to Aspire are: 3D Modeling & Sculpting, 3D Machining, 3D Model Slicing and Lithoplane machining. Of those, a combination of VCarve, Cut3D and PhotoCarve would give you all the features except 3D Modeling & Sculpting. The combination of the three packages would cost $1,050 Vs. the Aspire price of $1,995.

I guess my question is: what am I missing here, why would I spend an extra $945 (besides the convenience of having only one program to deal with)?

Fri 15 January 2010, 13:27
Joe, I started with Cut2D....then V-Carve Pro....and now seriously looking to upgrade to Aspire. I think that once you start making thing on the machine, you quickly run into a dead end because the program you are using just cannot do the things that you would like to do. If Aspire had Photocarve in it, I would buy it tomorrow. As is, it is one heck of a nice program that will keep you busy for a long time.
So my advice is, if you have the money available go straight for Aspire..you will not be sorry once you use it.

Fri 15 January 2010, 13:54
Thanks. That is the kind of user advice I needed. Joe

Fri 15 January 2010, 17:29
Thanks. That is the kind of user advice I needed. Joe

Maybe I did not make things clear. It took quite a while before I upgraded. Like Kobus, I wanted to do more. So far Aspire does about everything I want to do. Still have not discovered all the little things it can do. Really easy to use, you can use it right away. If you have used other Vectric software, it's real easy.


Sun 17 January 2010, 16:55
I've been eyeballing it for a year, but haven't purchased it. The interface on Aspire seems very user friendly and easy to learn. These are some of the biggest pros to me when shopping a product.

Mon 18 January 2010, 05:04

All the different software packages have their good values and their bad. As a software engineer there are some things about Aspire that I don't like but those are my personal taste. MasterCam, Artcam and all of them have good and bad.

I would suggest since Vectric's products are less expensive that you download the trial version and play with them. I went with Aspire becuse I bought it when it was first offered and saved some money.

It comes down to what you can afford and which one you start out with.

Good luck.

Mon 18 January 2010, 06:36
I wish I can lay my hands on an Aspire package that are lying in the closet somewhere...unused,,,,,;)...then I will show you what can be done.

Mon 18 January 2010, 06:50
one of this days I will upgrade to aspire, but first I have to move the mechmate again, to a new place, then fit a indexer, vacuum table and last.. Aspire. Maybe the Aspire 3.0 is ready by the time I'm done :D

Sun 24 October 2010, 18:14
Version 3 due for release the end of November 2010.



Thu 02 June 2011, 08:42
Cut 2D> Cut 3D> V-Carve Pro> Aspire.

I would have to say this company really has it going on. They offer an affordable upgrade path so you add on features that you need when you need them. They have a very clean interface, great tools for changing drawing and manipulating shapes and locations, awesome renderings. All around you would have to give this company and it's products a 5 start rating.

You can't go wrong and the value is very high.