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Mon 12 January 2009, 15:51
I am looking at buying a hoddy cnc router, but I need to get software to run it. I have MasterCam 9.2 to write the G code. Since I have done all my programing in Mastercam, I would like to keep it. What Software would work good for me? I hear people talking about buying Mach3. One concern I have is what "post" do i use with Mach3 to write the G code. Every Machine takes G code differently. Does anyone know what I should use. Thanks

Mon 12 January 2009, 18:03

Mach works with your machine. The CAM software generates the GCode and Mach reads the GCode file that the CAM program made. Mach sends commands to your machine by way of the computer attached to your machine. Mach resides on the computer attached to your CNC machine.

The CAM program you use is the one you think will provide the capability you need for the type of things you are using. That is the question we all are having to make.

Gerald D
Mon 12 January 2009, 22:42
Mach3 uses a very middle_of_the_road G-Code so I don't see that you will have a problem with the post-processor. Best is to ask the Mach people at their forum for the MasterCAM post settings that will suit them. www.machsupport.com