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Sun 21 December 2008, 15:59
Copied from elsewhere:

. . . . . . I constantly use a wireless gamepad (Logitec RumblePad) operate my machine. The gamepad works perfectly. No wireless interference problems.


Sun 21 December 2008, 16:18

Thats what I wanted to hear. Sound great.

Sun 21 December 2008, 20:34
I'll second the Rumblepad, zero problems with it, has worked flawlessly.


Greg J
Mon 22 December 2008, 06:58
Mike / Chuck

I didn't see that Mach had a plugin for the RumblePad. Are you using the XBox game controller plugin?

I've never used a gamepad before. :o

Mon 22 December 2008, 10:05
You use the Keygrabber app to read the inputs from the gamepad into Mach, even when Mach does not have primary focus in windows. The keygrabber will be in your main mach folder. Once it is set up to give the correct outputs with respect to the buttons on the gamepad, you start keygrabber first, then it starts mach. There is a chapter in the "Modifying Mach" pdf that explains how to set it all up. - quite simple, even I got it right quite quickly ;)

Mon 22 December 2008, 14:56

I used the utility that came with the rumblepad. This was very quck and easy to do, basically you assign keys to various functions just like you were setting up a joystick for a game. You then "play" Mach3.

What I haven't done yet, though, is assign a button on the controller to the z zero function. Since this doesn't use a keyboard command (It's a mouse click on screen) I'm not sure how to accomplish it. For this I suspect keygrabber will be necessary.


Mon 22 December 2008, 15:06
I would reccomend Keygrabber as its designed to work with Mach. To get the gamepad to activate the one screen Z Zero function one will need to modify the .set file (make a backup first) using Screen3 by assigning a hot key(s) to the on screen button. With that assigned, its easy to set the buttons on the game pad to "activate" the hot key(s).

Greg J
Mon 22 December 2008, 19:05
Thanks Alan and Chuck,

You both just made my monday evening interesting. :)

Wed 24 December 2008, 20:18

Thanks, I'll look into this.


Thu 15 January 2009, 16:52
I just got a Rumblepad myself and I really like it.

It makes it so much easier for zeroing the bit. Setup was also very easy using Keygrabber and Screen4 for setup.

For a guy like myself that has never run a CNC machine before this I would recommend it. I don't really know how it compares to a real pendant though. Just my 2 cents.

Thu 15 January 2009, 17:35
The rumblepad looks interesting but I like the shuttle pro. One hand operation and I don't even have to look at the thing to be able to move the machine around. I wish you could have more than two macros associated with the buttons. I may have to look into how to change that.

Fri 16 January 2009, 14:19
I use the rumble PAD to run my Plasma Machine works great.

Robert M
Sun 30 August 2015, 07:50
Seeking some guidance / help as I can't find anymore the plugin I was using :o

To explain the situation in a simple way, I decided to reinstall my Mach3 to help me conduct some test !
That part was/is fine !
The part why I'm seeking some guidance is I also was / been using the rumblepad for many yrs and loved it !
Problem I'm now facing is I can't remember and can't find witch plugin I had it work with Mach3 !?! :o..:(

One thing I know, it was not Keygrabber !?
Since I still can't find the plugin I had, I decided to give Keygrabber a try..:eek:
O-man....how you guys make it simple ??!!
For me, after a few hrs, I still can't get my rumblepad joystick move the axes ?!?
Although i was able to assign some other buttons and some function easily, the main need, the joysticks, still can't get them work...move axis ?!

Can anyone come to help !?
Either, explain me how you guys get the keygrabber moving the axis with the rubblepad .......
or BEST...what I 'd love....
is someone advising me witch plugin I had :o and enjoyed all these yrs to get the simple Logitech oem plugin (lgs510.exe) communicate with mach3 ??

Note....last yrs I recall giving a try with another plugin, the XPADDER.....again for this one, couldn't get a satisfactory usage compared to my old ( unfound and seeking for) plugin :cool:

Robert M
Sun 30 August 2015, 09:48
Her's another though !!
We're in 2015.....new stuff around !?

Rumblepad is....old school...right ?!
Anyone using a smartphone app as a "wireless" pendant ?!

Sun 30 August 2015, 16:44
I used an XBox 360 Wireless controller with Mach 3 when I was on it. Worked pretty good.

Tue 17 May 2016, 14:11
Hi Robert, I know it's a bit late for this reply.
I tried using a smart phone as a wireless pendant and got really frustrated with it. The latency was too slow. There was too much delay between my input and the movement. I smashed a bunch of tools into the top of my jobs trying to nudge down while setting my Z axis.

Robert M
Tue 17 May 2016, 14:20
Thks Dale....you know what the proverb.....
Never too late to do good @_# !
It's good to know your experience with this, Tks.
Cheers ;)