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Fri 14 November 2008, 21:14
Last night I ordered 4 G203V –Vaccum version, not knowing what Vaccum version is but from the information below it sound like if the motor is not moving it switch to standby where there will be no current to the motor avoiding heat. But if their no current to the motor would the motor allow to spin freely like if there is no power to it. If this is the case would that be a problem for the Z motor because the heavy router would fall down to the table. Am I way off?
I hope I didn’t order the wrong version.

• The G203V is available in a G203V-Vacuum version as well. This changes the auto current standby to 0% as opposed to 70%, allowing it to operate in a vacuum environment with minimal heating problems.

Gerald D
Fri 14 November 2008, 21:51
Sorry Kray, but that vacuum Gecko will not work for a CNC router. If you are cutting out cabinet doors for example, one axis is moving while the other two have to hold their position firmly to resist the cutter forces. Try to change your order before they ship.

Should be ordering "Standard" for the MechMate:

Extract from Geckodrive order page

Fri 14 November 2008, 21:57
I'm in luck today I got an email from Gecko this morning asking me for my credit card expiration date seem I forgot to included when I ordered last night. :):):)