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J.R. Hatcher
Thu 09 August 2007, 19:41
About 2 months ago I heard that Gecko drives was going to have a customer appreciation sale so I waited to buy my geckos, glad I did, it started today and ends August 31. Check this out http://www.geckodrive.com/index.cfm

Gerald D
Sat 11 August 2007, 11:29
Thanks for the tip JR!

For the typical quantity of 4 drives, the prices till end Aug 2007:

G201: Was $114, now $87 (23% off)
G202: Was $134, now $103 (23% off)
G203V: Was $147, now $112 (24% off)

Gerald D
Fri 31 August 2007, 02:21
Today is the last day of this sale.

Thu 29 November 2007, 12:00
If you haven't visited Gecko lately, they are offering a Christmas special on 203 Vampire Drives. 123.00 each - regular price 147.00 Dec 1-15th ONLY. If you have been waiting to buy, now is the time. Gosh, I wish I could have saved Gerald some $$$. I'm going to buy that Indexer Drive now and a spare!

Gerald D
Thu 29 November 2007, 12:34
They don't advertise this to their own forum first. :(

Thu 29 November 2007, 20:04

Thu 29 November 2007, 23:14
and my G203's just arrived today. I was so proud of the UPS guy . . . he actually came up to my place in the mountains despite the snow. I could have saved almost $100, if I had just procrastinated a little more. :(

Gerald D
Thu 29 November 2007, 23:32
Right guys, let's cheer up and realise there will be no more specials soon - stop picking your noses and get started! :)

Thanks for spotting this Sean.

Fri 30 November 2007, 12:49
...and I was just visiting the Gecko site because I accidentally deleted the PDF owners manual for the 203's I am currently wiring in my panel. Okay, back to wiring.

Sat 01 December 2007, 18:22
Just incase anyone here doesnt fully know how to wire up their gecko's, Digital Machinest Magazine explains in great detail how to do this. You will need to get some of thier back issues, but the ones on the shelf right now tell you how to do the power supply.

Mon 10 December 2007, 23:32
I picked up 4 G203V on sale. Thanks for the tip. :D

Fri 07 November 2008, 13:54
Geckodrive will be offering sale pricing for two weeks. The promotion will be running from 5PM PST Tuesday, November 4 to 5PM PST Wednesday, November 19.

All drives are going to be for sale at the 100 piece price, regardless of quantity ordered.

If any of you guys have been sitting on the fence, now is the time to order and save some $$$$$$.


Fri 14 November 2008, 09:09
Thanks WTI... As i have last visited I read that and suggested to my friend.