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Sun 19 October 2008, 08:10
vectric has a new release!!!


Sun 19 October 2008, 12:18
The Vectric website will have information on the new software on Tuesday.

This looks very promising.

Sun 19 October 2008, 17:21
Yes, I happened to be at the Shopbot jamboree in Austin on Fri. and watched the Vectric guys as they rolled it out and ran it through its paces. My thinking is that for a power user it's most likely a worthy, though comparatively expensive, upgrade.

Personally, I'm going to work on mastering the nuances of VCP first. I don't see enough useful applications for the 2.5D stuff in my case as I'm not an artist and my interests lie more in unfolding applications and 2d cutting of production parts.

After attending this event I have a greater appreciation for the knowledge gained from self constructed machinery.

Any of you guys get to the Maker Faire? Outstanding!


Mon 20 October 2008, 07:27
Was at the Maker Faire last year - donno about this year though - when is it scheduled this year - is vectric going to be there this year?

Wed 26 November 2008, 18:33
Vectric Aspire is very cool been playing with the demo all day it is fantastic.

Tue 23 December 2008, 04:20
Wish I had the money or the reason to lay out that much money. Using the Cut2D from Vectric and playing with Aspire demo I know it will make life a lot easier for me, but wow that is big bucks for a program.
Was looking at the different exchange rates....If I buy in Euro it will cost me R 17 289.57...today
In Dollar it will cost me R 16 949.15
In Pound sterling only R 14 294.85
Saving of R 3000.00 .....but it is still toooooo much.:(

Tue 23 December 2008, 08:18
I am looking at this hard. I saw it the other day and the features look very straight forward. How well do you all feel the MM with the current OM 7.2 Motors 20DP rack and 30 toothe pinion will handle the resolution?

I want to do cuts for signs on HDU using the MM .


Gerald D
Tue 23 December 2008, 08:47
Cutting High Density Urethane foam for signs must be the least demanding application for a MM! Simple direct drive is okay for foam signs.

Thu 22 January 2009, 06:23
If you are using Aspire, what kind of file are you outputting for Mach. Is it a .tap file?

Gerald D
Thu 22 January 2009, 11:49
Mach will open any file extension, as long as it is basic ASCII text.

Gerald D
Thu 22 January 2009, 11:51
Conversely, the post processor section of Aspire can probably be configured to attach any extension to the text file it writes.

Thu 22 January 2009, 12:09

I appreciate you comments but I suppose I should have asked the question differently.

If you are using Aspire. I know you can use any of them but I want to know what Aspire users are using.

When you have finished working on a item that you are going to cut, what post processor are you using?

Have you had any problems?

Thank you.

Gerald D
Thu 22 January 2009, 12:25
I expect it to have a post processor titled "Mach3", since the Aspire developers are not aligned to any machine brand and their biggest client base are either ShopBot or Mach users. Why not ask Tony at Vectric? tonym(at)vectric(dot)com

Thu 22 January 2009, 12:37

I am interested in hearing what other MechMate users, though they be few, have experienced.

I have talked with Aspire. I am looking for input from users....

Thu 22 January 2009, 19:52
I have purchased the app and it has a ton of post procs and a load of training info. The apps 3D View is a lot like the small Compucarve App I have(At a pro level of course). It seems as I learn, it has a lot of power and options. I figured I would work my way through the curve as I build my table. I have Corel X3 and already do vector work for my plasma table so I am finding the app very user friendly. I have the sample grapes file I can send someone to cut but the G-Code(oops thinking about my plasma) Mach file is 2.2 meg so you can PM me. I would love to see it's output on a MM.

It also has Shop Bot Post procs as well.

William McGuire
Fri 23 January 2009, 02:06
The Mach 2/3 ARCS is for those without a tool changer...

The ATCs are for those who do have a changer.

Without the tool changerou can save the tool paths into separate files and change tools before loading each file...

I just received my copy. I had done the roadrunner and rooster from MACH3, but when I ran an Aspire file with lettering, I found out I had the Y directions backward and got a very good mirror image...:D

Fri 23 January 2009, 03:06
The reason I have asked these questions is that I have a borrowed copy of ArtCAM Pro and the post processor file from ArtCAM is different then the file from Aspire. Granted I have not cut a file from Aspire. I have talked to Tony and a technical person from Aspire. They are also willing to work with me on producing a file that works. But before they do that I wanted to see what the experience was from others.

Mike (Meatlhead) is going to send me a copy of a file he has and I will try cutting it. I have no received my DVD as of yet.

I will be happy to post what I find out and what happens.

Fri 23 January 2009, 04:37
there is no shortage of mach three users that have aspire and are using it successfully.


Fri 23 January 2009, 06:54

I am not sure I agree with you. The software has not been out that long. And it doesn't matter if your statement is true or not.

But I am not questioning that it works with mach, I wanted to know what MM users are using for the post processor. That was my question and that is all I was asking.


Gerald D
Fri 23 January 2009, 07:29
I'm with Jim on this one Nils. There are less than 20 MM's running on Mach, so asking your question here didn't make sense. At CNC zone and the Mach forum you will find thousands of machines running on Mach, where there is a much better chance of finding an Aspire user base.

The interaction between Aspire and Mach has absolutely nothing to do with MechMate.

Fri 23 January 2009, 08:03

I am sorry but I do not understand why you or any one is questioning why I asked the question here. I thought I was a member in good standing. Does it really matter why I was asking it here? The forum is based I thought on free and open discussion.

Yes, I know I could have asked the question on CNCZone, Mach or the Vectric forum but I asked it here. I was looking for the input from MM users.

But I am hearing that is a problem.

Gerald D
Fri 23 January 2009, 08:14
Nils, there is nothing personal about it. Just thought you could get a far better answer by asking the question somewhere else. It surprised me that you asked the question here and thus I was sure that I was misunderstanding your question.

Fri 23 January 2009, 08:21

I knew you did not mean it personally. I was interested in know what MM owners of Aspire are using. Both you and Jim are correct that I will get a better response to my question on other sites but I will also get the same kind of input that I got here but in a much larger number and people will not answer my simple question.

We have had three days of the coldest weather I have seen in a long time. They call it a hard freeze for us. Once you have lived in FL for over 5 years, anything under 40 degrees is cold.

Have a great weekend.

Thu 05 November 2009, 02:57
There has been a bit of talk recently on the forum about 4th axis construction.

I have been playing around with mine a bit, mostly because of the new version of CNCWrapper has got me inspired. And Vectric have announced they are going to include a wrap post processor in the next release of Aspire.

Today I tried a table leg. All done in the 4th axis. Top bit in indexer mode. Modelled in Aspire and wrapped.

Sorry I don't have a Mechmate, but the potential is just the same.


6933 6934 6935

Thu 05 November 2009, 03:44
Greg, it would be great if you put together a tutorial for this :)

Thu 05 November 2009, 11:44
They are fantastic... well done

Thu 05 November 2009, 14:26

Well done and thanks for sharing.

Thu 05 November 2009, 15:17
Nice !! Very well done.

Thu 05 November 2009, 17:30
brian announced the impending release on shopbots indexer forum,, thanks to greg i have been able to play a better cnc!!



Thu 05 November 2009, 20:46
Wow it is getting better and better...I need to get my 4th axis done now.:o

Fri 06 November 2009, 04:36

Very nice. How long did it take you to cut it?

Fri 06 November 2009, 18:51
i cut this one with a 1/16th" taper ballnose at 10%stepover so it took a long time as it was my second file, about ten hours i can go much faster now that i am learning the machine and the software



Gerald D
Sat 05 December 2009, 05:28
Aspire V2.5 now released:


Everyone loves the new scissors trim tool :)