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  1. Motors do not move after initial setting up - Mach setups
  2. Jerky movement of the gantries - Limit Overides activated in Mach
  3. Machine runs far too slow (or fast) and the wrong distances - Confusing inch/mm 's
  4. Upgraded Mach, now the motors won't turn - Different ports/pins for later Mach
  5. Stepper motors giving trouble - Motors burnt while serving as ground for elec. fault
  6. Contactor does nothing when powered? - Correct terminals for coil
  7. No 5V supply out of PC - Polarity reversed
  8. System stops, as if the E-stop has been pushed? - Change De-Bounce setting in Mach
  9. Glitches in cut paths (rounded corners) - Using the Constant Velocity mode of Mach
  10. Machine locks up while travelling at high speed - Tuning the motor speeds and accels
  11. One motor goes wrong way - How to reverse its direction
  12. Problems with cooling fan.. - impeller touched the mounting plate
  13. One of the four motors not running properly - faulty Geckodrive 203V
  14. Getting comms between PC and PMDX-122 - Finding the correct port address
  15. Machine cuts out after cutting for a while - Loose wire on E-stop circuit
  16. Cannot get motor to turn - Mach Ports & Pins setup
  17. Runs out of steam? Machine freezes during cutting - controlling PC's performance
  18. Motors won't turn after the setting up - PMDX-122 jumpers incorrect
  19. Some files don't cut smoothly - Mach's interpret. of G-Code from various CAM programs
  20. Toggling inputs - faulty Campbell BoB
  21. One axis looses steps when going fast under load - change accel setting
  22. Steps getting lost - poor quality parallel port cable
  23. One stepper motor does not change direction - drive needs reset
  24. Circles are not cut round - loose pinion gears
  25. Shudder along X Axis - unresolved
  26. Lurching at Reset - interference from spindle VFD
  27. All motors run fine then start chattering and loosing steps - interrupt in the PC
  28. Loosing steps - noise interference problems
  29. Cannot get good jog speeds - first thought PS voltage too low, then current error
  30. Moves at different speeds for different directions - feed rates incorrectly defined
  31. Milwaukee Router weirdness - SSR (solid state relay) not suitable
  32. Motors do not turn properly - poor quality wiring used for testing
  33. Stepper motor refuses to turn - Wiring & jumper errors
  34. Creeping z-axis - a cable screen was grounded at both ends
  35. Fault lights on some Geckos, motors do not engage - wiring quality
  36. Motors move too slowly - unresolved
  37. RCD / Earth Leakage trips when switching off - fan wiring
  38. "Weak" z-axis won't plunge cutter - router turned off
  39. Racks not square to Pinon gears - C-channel tops not flat, twisting rail down
  40. Cutting out_of_round circles - loose V-rollers on Z-slide
  41. SmoothStepper looses communication with PC
  42. Spindle RF noise makes y car & z axis move
  43. Motors do not turn - Ports & Pins setting for charge pump
  44. Parallel cable does not work - all the cores are not present
  45. Breaking drive belts - getting the right tension. . . . .
  46. Rough Cut on Diagonal
  47. Table not cutting Y square to X
  48. Cutting speed becomes irregular - computer not matched properly
  49. Inconsistent accuracy - loose pinion gear
  50. Gecko 203v red and green light all the time
  51. Motors loosing steps - Breakout board not suitable
  52. Trouble Shooting Standards
  53. Backlash compensation
  54. Proper Homing
  55. shutdown problem
  56. Motors are weak and run cool - setting up a "Leadshine" drive
  57. Loosing Steps - underpowered ?
  58. Power Contactor Not Working
  59. Z dropping suddenly - computer response is slower
  60. Ghost in the machine ?... Router creating its own G code
  61. Slight step over on second/third pass
  62. Motors Will Not Turn - Step & Direction wires crossed by mistake
  63. Chatter Marks on Cutting
  64. Mach3 to HY series VFD on/off control
  65. 3d Mold divot issue - SOLVED - Loose screw holding pinion gear
  66. Imperial vs metric ...
  67. Gecko Problems after Computer Crash
  68. Matty Zee Mach 3 Pluggin
  69. Hitachi SJ200 and ModBus Control Problems
  70. Strange movements - bad power supply to BOB
  71. Odd overshoot in Y axis when changing direction
  72. Need help with jog speed in Mach3 motor tuning !!!
  73. Incrementing error in cutting??
  74. VFD NOISE, please help...
  75. Drive tension spring too tight?
  76. Zero point changes while cutting
  77. Gecko 202 resistor ???
  78. Milwaukee 5625 failure: electronic speed control?
  79. Strange cut path glitch - loose pinion on shaft
  80. Rough cutting
  81. Problem with Tabs ... it leaves vertical signs
  82. MechMate going crazy (picking up interference from motors, etc.)
  83. Hi From North Florida and NEED Help :) Will Pay :)
  84. pmdx 133 fried
  85. horrors on meters!
  86. Inconsistant cutting errors.
  87. Machine stops responding intermitantly
  88. Cutting wrong measurement
  89. Lookin for Gremlins - Isarn, TH
  90. Mach dont open G codes
  91. Problem with slaved axis
  92. Cutting errors - slop in motors?
  93. GROUND FAULT on GMT Water Cooled Spindle
  94. Limit Switch Problems
  95. Lightning Strike
  96. Pulling whatever is left of hair and no solution
  97. Help with calibration using Mach3
  98. Help please. Consistently looses steps in X.
  99. My Router Motor Died, Now What!
  100. Machine is down,estop activated won't turn off, config check notes included
  101. motor tuning g-force in Mach preferred settings
  102. Very abrupt stops in -X direction only?
  103. 1/32 +/- errors mach 3
  104. Zero touch place not connecting
  105. how to slave x motors
  106. Giving back to great MM community
  107. Speeds.
  108. Stepper moves in random directions (forward or backwards)