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  1. Cutting bits for routers / spindles
  2. Speeds, Feeds, Materials and Bits
  3. Proper bit, speed an IPM for fir,pine and western red cedar
  4. Routing or cutting aluminium
  5. Machining polycarbonate ("Lexan")
  6. Has anyone cut steel sheetmetal with their MM?
  7. Cutting Nylon
  8. Cutting Foam Core Board
  9. Onsrud CNC Production Routing Guide
  10. What type of cutter to use and what feeding speed to cut aluminium
  11. Cutting Flatout! - monitoring and optimising the current drawn by the spindle/router
  12. Cutting Stainless Steel
  13. countersunk bit selection
  14. How to Bevel Glass
  15. Up Spiral Bits
  16. Straight-flute bits and safety
  17. Critical wood movement
  18. Need Advise on Plastic Urgently
  19. Cutting cross grain veneered panels & Baltic ply
  20. Bits ... the selection of bits, truth, myth, etc.
  21. tips on foam mold creation, types and cutting tools
  22. Wood burn?
  23. Compression spiral LEFT hand bits
  24. Fake wood burns, cheap way instead of laser engraving
  25. What to use to cut Melamine Board?
  26. Cutting Carbon Fiber in the CNC
  27. Cutting PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
  28. raw Particle board cutting
  29. Bit Selection help for CNc accu-cut Kr
  30. Bit Supplier
  31. 12/14 free machining mild steel
  32. melamine particle board. 6mm 2 flute
  33. Where is that acrylic letter
  34. Drilling multiple plywood sheets at one time
  35. Beveling Thick Acrylic
  36. Cutting Aluminum foam core
  37. The skinny end on Mills
  38. working problems during series all the same at the same corner
  39. Melaine again
  40. Cam Lock Fittings
  41. Cutting sign vinyl with your MM
  42. Making 700+ holes?
  43. B15 Marine Fire Resistant Material
  44. 1/8" end mill suggestions
  45. What should be paid attention to when using laser cutting equipment for typesetting