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  1. Drawing problems - Archived 27 June 2008
  2. Linear bearing Z slide
  3. Calculate the Voltage and VA size of the DC power supply needed to build or buy
  4. Grinding V-profile on rail edges
  5. Distributing free plans and copyright issues
  6. Moving from SB to Mach software is it really that easy or good
  7. Z-axis design
  8. Alternate Designs
  9. Cable chain - E-Chain sizes & sources
  10. Servo motor encoders
  11. Selecting motors for the MechMate - some history
  12. Recommended stepper motor drivers - G202 (or G203V?)
  13. Laser cutting in various countries . . . .
  14. Thoughts on the angle iron rails of the MechMate
  15. Standard over the counter V-rollers and rails
  16. Hiccup with charge pump - since modified
  17. How do you want inch dimensions to be shown on the drawings
  18. Finding a set of laser cut steel components to build the MechMate
  19. X Rails
  20. How is Z-slide mounted to Y-Car?
  21. Starting MechMate build planning - a broad question on performance specs.
  22. Screened flexible cables - specs & sources
  23. Wood carving machine
  24. Fixing of Motor Spindle to Pinion Wheel
  25. Grease
  26. Starting parts list
  27. Will the sharpening companies help us with rails
  28. Is there more to cut & weld before painting?
  29. Work of Hani Al Mandeel in Bahrain
  30. Planetary gearheads
  31. Anyone has any idea if this drive is something I could use off eBay?
  32. CNC Router with Servo motors & belt drives (non-MechMate) - Bangalore, India
  33. Looking for someone in UK to build for a friend
  34. Laser cut mounting plates thickness
  35. Machining of the rails
  36. A Blander Shade of cnc
  37. Laser cut kits for Europe - out of Denmark (no longer offered)
  38. Mains power wiring for discussion
  39. Where can i get full cad drawn like the pdf file
  40. How do i wire this which gecko drive to use
  41. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis - What if something goes wrong
  42. Rail and Block
  43. What mode are u running your motor - Unipolar Bipolar
  44. Capped rails using standard "BWC" V-track
  45. Small PK29601aa Motors @ $45
  46. SOFTWARE - start to end
  47. Handmade V-Rails using a baby 4.5" angle grinder - moving rails over grinder
  48. "High tech" Rack and pinions Nexengroup
  49. Handmade V-Rails - "JR Skate" has 4.5" grinder riding the rail
  50. Just curious shop size
  51. Hey Doc Tanner - please confirm gear choice for me
  52. Converting this Forum onto new software vBulletin
  53. Downloads archived 30 June 2008
  54. Drawing Plan files for downloading
  55. For Sale: Gecko Drives, Break-out board, 70V Power Supply
  56. How I use this new forum (adapting from the older version)
  57. Logo & Paint color code for the MechMate
  58. Why are asterisks (*'s) appearing and disappearing behind some thread titles?
  59. Alternative ideas on V-roller shapes & materials
  60. Customer wanting someone to build a MechMate to spec
  61. New Idea for the Forum
  62. Anyone else having forum access problems?
  63. Parts cutting and bending service
  64. Longer Z Axis or 5 Axis
  65. Need help with high school class
  66. I need a big help - export from USA to France (McMaster products)
  67. Gear Math? - forces needed to drive the gantries
  68. Replace rack with belt?
  69. Where do we find the drawings?
  70. Using the Oriental Motor Alpha-Step motors on the MechMate frames.
  71. Flipping a few measurements?
  72. Hyteresis brake
  73. New Mechmate drawings and changes
  74. Buying rack & pinions in South Africa
  75. What software do I need for 5-axis capability?
  76. Cutting Dovetail joints
  77. The MechMate "Mamba" version has been launched
  78. Mamba logo ideas
  79. Organizing the MechMate Documentation
  80. Extended Z-axis vibrates - stiffening spider plate
  81. Terrible thing to see
  82. MM Mamba-Drawing Index and Option Schedule documented in one place
  83. Newbie to Mechmate
  84. DXF files - where are they?
  85. Vertical MechMate
  86. Installation, Alignment & Adjustment
  87. Wiring the motors
  88. Xylotex motors?
  89. Off topic: AC Motor drivers....
  90. Another newbie with questions for the MM Gurus
  91. Plastics and alumiunum
  92. to build or to buy?
  93. Small World or Not
  94. Desperately in need of sound advice.
  95. Laser cut parts shipped out from Sweet Home Alabama
  96. Process Codes appearing on drawings
  97. Optimizing the forum
  98. Crocs, Gators, snow, ice & mowing the lawn
  99. servo motors
  100. Geckos on Ebay 275 for 3!
  101. Comprehensive MechMate Bill of Materials
  102. 6mm Aluminium
  103. 20X20x8 Hoffman Enclosure
  104. Mcmaster parts
  105. Backlash in the rack & pinion system
  106. What happens IF this site disappears!!
  107. Servo gear + motor requirements & sources
  108. South Africa's bright people . . . . . .
  109. Mechmate accuracy
  110. Looking for an Excel boffin . . . .not related to MechMate . . . completely OFF-TOPIC
  111. Concept for Five Axis Mechmate with 1000mm Z Slide
  112. Oriental Motor having school near you!
  113. MechMate or ShopBot plans being sold on e-bay?
  114. RSS feed export now enabled for forum
  115. Steel price increasing
  116. Just to say hi.. and point folks in the direction of some FREE software.
  117. Order of Operations
  118. Stepper motors for sale
  119. truecnc.com - Houston, Texas
  120. Will be visiting Scandinavia next week . . .
  121. Time to complete
  122. New "Mentor" Forum?
  123. Mamba 6-Roller Z Slide with a gas spring not fully retracting...due to build mistakes
  124. 2008 Annual CNC-Workshop Il.
  125. Another reason for the SteelMax circular saw
  126. Comparison: MechMate 4'x8' System to the EZ-Router 4'x8' System
  127. We made it to #3 !!
  128. Alternative for grinding rails...
  129. Dust Management System
  130. What goes?
  131. Creating a "manual" to describe the MechMate build process
  132. Help wanted - please design a front page for www.mechmate.com
  133. Moderators
  134. Mastercam?
  135. Sizing Melamine Panels
  136. Why do some pictures vanish after a while?
  137. Using gantry tube as a cable carrier
  138. Are the spammers being irritating?
  139. MechMate logo as a font
  140. Missing member
  141. Francais
  142. MM in Singapore
  143. Drawings download as .php ?
  144. Z slide length, dimensioning the linear system.
  145. Anyone in the Indianapolis area building one?
  146. Correct Thread - for the cricket rivalry SA vs the Poms?
  147. Indexer software
  148. Unknown stepper motor
  149. MechMate Wiki
  150. Birthday Greetings
  151. 1/2" or 3/4" rack
  152. Random pictures at the top of each page.
  153. Handling panels with air & cut part labeling
  154. Photo Album with GeoLocation
  155. New concept for gear reduction and zero friction movement with zero slippage of axis?
  156. Rack alternate
  157. Quick question on MM's capabilities...
  158. Shop Size (how many m² needed to work comfortably)
  159. laser burnt pre-bent parts
  160. servo selection
  161. My PM Inbox has lost many messages
  162. Required Torque for possible upgrade ??
  163. Completed Mechmates Album With Serial Nos.
  164. What modifications or considerations might a "mini" mech mate design need
  165. Here is a new sub-forum for "troubleshooting"
  166. New registrations suddenly increased
  167. How to find INFO on stepping motor's?
  168. Happy Holidays
  169. Considering a "Paypal Donate" button for this site . . . . .
  170. For Bruce - your reply mail address does not work
  171. Can anyone speak/write Kazakh?
  172. Newer vBulletin version
  173. Upgrade Pictures
  174. Newbie MM 101
  175. Cant find my personal page?
  176. how much does it cost?
  177. Are we getting swamped by non-MechMate builders?
  178. An Australian friend lost his workshop and 40 yrs of tools . . .
  179. motor problems vexta pk296a2a-sg7.2
  180. slow motion like animation
  181. Stepper motor "slipping" when I turn up steps/minute
  182. (non) MM made in Chile officially cutting
  183. Search functionality
  184. considering to buy a diy kit
  185. Laser Cut Parts From Chicago- pricing to come
  186. Upgrading the vBulletin software that runs this forum
  187. Frame for Oil Painting
  188. Help with Excel
  189. Forum acting funny in the last two days?
  190. DXF Format (actually about the icons used for attachments)
  191. CNC sandline cutting machine
  192. Ron's Spin - MM inspired
  193. Bought Linear Rails, Help mounting (non-MechMate)
  194. Did you see draw 1010***?? thanks
  195. MM for sale? Maybe if someone is interested
  196. Question on how to provide different current rate from a single power supply
  197. The original MechMate #1 for sale - Cape Town, South Africa
  198. Why did you archive the 4:1 transmission thread?
  199. my machine cnc
  200. Hi from China
  201. PBC Linear’s Integral V™ aluminiun rails with steel caps
  202. MM Laser Cut Parts SOLD
  203. UI Robot uim24104
  204. hello
  205. Selecting Stepper motor controller IC
  206. Planning for stepper driver
  207. Hi CNC Router from Italia
  208. Laser Cutting and Bend Service
  209. DriverMotor Motors and Controllers in Cabinet (SOLD!)
  210. CNC Control panels and Spindle
  211. Laser cut parts for sale
  212. Z axis
  213. Linear Stepper Motor
  214. Anyone interested in selling their unfinished mechmate project
  215. First and last from Ted
  216. PMDX-135-8020 for sale
  217. Power Supply for DC Brushless motor
  218. Need to talk to motor guru about an OT project....
  219. Circles but not circles
  220. 8' x 16' 95% Finish CNC Router For Sales
  221. New build square tube thickness.
  222. Not loosing steps but???
  223. complete startup kit for sale
  224. protolab in Paris
  225. Heavy Duty Leveling Feet SOLD!
  226. CNC Calculator
  227. Spur Gears for Mechmate
  228. IGUS E-Chain SOLD!
  229. Gleason E-chain SOLD!
  230. IGUS Chainflex Wire - SOLD
  231. Parts no longer for sale.
  232. HELP! Motors "lock" when going reverse/backwards (negative)!
  233. 3hp ATC Spindle for Sale
  234. Meble
  235. My Experience Listening to COPE Live Radio
  236. Why audiobooks can enrich your life
  237. Die besten kostenlosen Klingeltöne für Ihr Handy!