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  1. Make your own V-Rollers if too expensive in your country
  2. M110110M Angle iron rails for X and Y axes
  3. Setting the rails straight
  4. Ideas & Experiments with different rail styles
  5. Source for Complete V-Roller bearing sets (with eccentrics) @ $good-price$
  6. Summary of rail & roller situation
  7. Capped rails using standard "BWC" V-track
  8. Personal angle iron cutting, grinding, tools, solutions - a collection of experiences
  9. Cutting the angle iron down with grinder and abrasive disk
  10. New rail height?
  11. Round shafts & ball slide blocks versus V-rails & V-wheels
  12. JR's rail grinding skate in a Lasered & Bent format for 4.5" grinders
  13. Other wheel size options for different ready-made sized v-rollers and rails?
  14. V-Rail profiling device - an alternative skate design
  15. Stymied on rail grinding - until the Pferd disks were found
  16. A record of burnt out grinders . . . .
  17. Aussie Dual Vee & Rack Supplier
  18. Some alternatives to Bosch grinders for skate
  19. question on y-rail stops
  20. Cutting the angle iron down with CerMet tipped circular saws
  21. Rails are bended...What alternatives I have...??? :(
  22. Pre-finished steel rails from Standard Steel Specialty
  23. Rack & Rail all in one . . . .
  24. Guards for the V-rollers and oilers for the rails?
  25. Bill of Materials? X-Rail Specification?
  26. Bearing question for the hold down roller (idler) under the rail
  27. Why does the angle iron have to be cut shorter for the rails?
  28. What to shim with?
  29. Holding the angle rails while cutting or grinding - jigs for sawhorses/trestles
  30. Stop blocks for alu rails
  31. Butcher saw V-wheels on e-Bay - can they be used?
  32. Why the angle iron must be 2" tall (or less) before cutting down with grinder
  33. Used skate
  34. rail grinding - does the wheel need adjustment as it wears?
  35. Could I harden the rails by myself ???
  36. Messed up while cutting-grinding a rail
  37. Rollers grooved to 70 degrees by mistake - can they be re-cut to 90 degrees?
  38. V-Wheels machined from plastics
  39. Track Roller Bearings for Denmark
  40. Idea to cut down rails on tablesaw
  41. Has anyone thought about chroming the rails? (hardness & corrosion)
  42. Spring washers instead of V-roller shims
  43. What are the size of the 8 bearings on the skate?
  44. Grinders in Gauteng - South Africa
  45. Need opinion on round bar rails with roller
  46. One grind rails question. (another alternative rail proposal)
  47. Breaking rollers on other machines
  48. V Groove Rollers
  49. Rail grinding process question
  50. Tips for Rail Grinding
  51. Experience on working with V-cap rails
  52. BOM (Build Of Materials) Grind Head Assembly M6 10 100 AA (Rail Grinding Skate)
  53. DIY-rails Which type of angle iron must be purchased?
  54. Shopbot rails delaminate?
  55. hiwin linear rails on ebay
  56. Steel L profile
  57. Question Regarding The Methods Used for Shimming Rails
  58. Question on Vee Bearings and bushes
  59. Aluminium Wheels?
  60. Static and dynamic loads on the axes
  61. Thought on milling rails . . .
  62. Diy Wheels Build your own
  63. pinion gearing and difference in sizes
  64. Rail Alignment
  65. hobbed or ground rack?
  66. selecting the right rack and pinion
  67. Why single V guide on machines ?
  68. Rail Grinding Jig for a Radial Arm Saw
  69. Bearing shielded or sealed
  70. problem assembly rails roller
  71. Ensuring Rails are Coplanar
  72. Superior Bearing Company
  73. 4 1/2" Grinders
  74. Aluminum Extrusion V-Rail for MechMate - RailMate
  75. Rail wear after 1 year
  76. Bosch GWS 7-125 Professional Grinder Skate Modification
  77. biscuit/plate joiner
  78. Skate rail grinding question
  79. rail grinding.
  80. X Rails Centres Distance
  81. Using used linear rails