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  1. Reduction Drive by belt - a collection of various designs and how to build your own.
  2. Rack and Pinion Suppliers: In the USA
  3. Rack and Pinion Suppliers: Outside the USA
  4. The overall concept of the MM's Rack and Pinion design - springloading & antibacklash
  5. Adhesive tape for mounting the racks - does it really work and where do we get it?
  6. Understanding & Selecting gear pinions - setting the steps per mm[inch]
  7. Will bevel (angled) gears be better?
  8. Why must the gear teeth be so small or fine?
  9. Hardening the pinions, (or the racks?)
  10. Mass and rolling resistance of moving the gantry
  11. Location and spacing of X rack from main beam?
  12. "Grub"/set screws for pinion gears - fitting and locking them.
  13. Driving an "indexer" , or a ("4th") rotary axis
  14. Do the Oriental Motor gearheads fit onto all NEMA stepper motors?
  15. Backlash in the gearhead of the Oriental Motor PK296A2A-SG7.2
  16. Rack Metric Size 1.5
  17. Polyamide (Nylon) Rack - will it work?
  18. Drilling & tapping the pinion gears for locking screws
  19. What size E-chain (wire/cable track)?
  20. Welding rack sections together
  21. Making your own rack & pinion
  22. Toothed, Timing Belt Suppliers
  23. Mounted X-rack's with different heights - causes step at joint.
  24. Laser/Water cutting racks?
  25. Need help with rack dimensions :( - Bitola, Macedonia
  26. Pinion Help
  27. Rack and Pinion - understanding Diametral Pitch (DP) vs. module
  28. What kind of lube for ballscrew?
  29. Pinion gear chatter
  30. Considering using modulus 4!! yahoo, rack and pinion
  31. some R&P Q's
  32. Belt reduction box build T5 16 to 60
  33. Anyone familiar with Nexen roller pinions?
  34. Rack is bowed - is it a problem?
  35. Best R+P combo for precision aluminum cutting
  36. Can backlash give a cumulative error?
  37. 12' Racks available - would there be any benefit from doing it in one piece?
  38. Mounting the rack
  39. What springs to buy?
  40. Belt or Rack
  41. Nema 42 Motor Size Question
  42. Spur Gear decision
  43. Problem with parallelism between rack and rail
  44. Spur Gears where I can get them besides mcmaster?
  45. Grinding flat spots on shaft for set screw seating
  46. Source for timing pulleys
  47. What's the current state of the art timing belt gear reduction.
  48. Rack length problem
  49. Problem drilling the pinion concentric
  50. rack and pinion in Macedonia
  51. Ball screws
  52. Backlash
  53. Best price 4 /1 timing pulleys
  54. Spur Gears in odd bore sizes
  55. Step value?
  56. Getting cutter to cut at a 90 deg angle to the table
  57. Using a chain for a rack
  58. X Y Z reduction
  59. Accuracy in racks/Mechmate
  60. Mach3 "steps per" with rack and pinion
  61. Off vertical drilling
  62. Need some MM plan info before spending $ for the plans
  63. Has anyone hardened their own McMaster Carr Spur Gears?