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  1. True Type font converted to .dxf or g-code (freeware)
  2. Inkscape
  3. What is The Font that my customer wants - freeware font identifier
  4. PDFCreator
  5. AutoHotKey
  6. On-line "tracer" (Vectorization of raster images)
  7. zsurf4 from picture to 3d
  8. Combine a number of PDF's into a single PDF
  9. Convert dimensions, speeds, forces, temp, etc from metric to inches etc.
  10. Digital file from reverse engineering - can MM be used to scan a drawing?
  11. Scaleing g-code
  12. Pocket Holes
  13. Scale a DXF file (modelling dinosaur kits)
  14. CNC conversion Utility
  15. A nice tool to draw complex patterns : marabesk.com
  16. Cutting arcs
  17. Z zero setter REALLY fantastic
  18. Sketch pad usb anyone using one?
  19. The simplest 4th Axis Wrapper and FREE
  20. Trying to do this type of fluting...
  21. Z-Brush
  22. Dovetails and other joints
  23. DXF View for free.
  24. CNC simulator
  25. Extrudy
  26. Instazoom Techniques for Instagram Success