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  1. Drawing problems and revisions required, considered and intended . . . . .
  2. The starting points for building your own MechMate - selecting table size, etc.
  3. Suppliers of components & services around the world (including laser kits)
  4. What does a MechMate cost to build?
  5. 3D CAD models of MechMate - SketchUp, SolidWorks, etc.
  6. What are the limitations of a MechMate compared to the $50 000 machines?
  7. Tools needed to build and operate the MechMate - gift ideas (from them to YOU!)
  8. Mechmate mods for cutting surfboards
  9. Websites that inspire (and get the budget approved!)
  10. Official MechMate logo and colour
  11. Tapping threads into metal
  12. Finish cleaning, filling, painting, powder coating, etc.
  13. Mechmate for guitar making?
  14. Welding equipment & techniques
  15. How does one judge "quality" of a finished machine? (Mechanical)
  16. Building MechMates for resale - license requirements
  17. CNC Laser Cut Drawings - are the .dxf files of these MM parts available?
  18. Thinking of building MM for acrylic
  19. Max. speed of the MechMate - moving, cutting, jogging . . . .
  20. What materials can be cut with the MechMate?
  21. Build a functional MechMate at lowest cost - what can be done cheaper?
  22. Where to start, no really!
  23. Need help on what the oversal cost will be
  24. Mechmate more than I need?
  25. Requesting "shopping lists", Bills of Material, spreadsheets, etc. from other members
  26. Bigest Mechmate ever build...
  27. We Need a Slogan
  28. Gallery of pictures for each and every part?
  29. A few questions (pre-build / planning)
  30. Design safety - what has not yet been tested for safety, etc.
  31. Is the MM the right machine for Me? (cutting thin boards and thick foam)
  32. T Shirts and Hats
  33. Smallest MechMate
  34. Need to clear something up on Table size
  35. Looking for material list
  36. Source for laser cut parts
  37. Tilting or hide-away MM? limited floor space
  38. CAD files for controller components?
  39. Newbie
  40. Info - all in French
  41. Steel Parts Calculator Spreadsheet
  42. Network Marketing - Selling our services to the broader public
  43. Number of starts - How many have started the project? What % of starts finish?
  44. Fastener bill of materials
  45. Fastners Metric or Standard does it matter
  46. Table Design for twin spindle setup
  47. Look Ma! no lasers (3d scanning via webcam)
  48. Anyone have the MM mounted on wheels ?
  49. mm parts made of aluminum?
  50. Bushings for Z Axis
  51. Plan Question
  52. Mechmate Jr.??
  53. New to the site
  54. Strong Math Person
  55. Looking for parts for vacuum hold down system
  56. Motiontek, Canada
  57. Rack and pinion question
  58. Opinions on table design using 100 x 100 box tubing
  59. servo vs stepper
  60. Tricks to a perfect 45 degree on rails?
  61. Question RE old welding electrodes...
  62. Question about using granite as reference surface.
  63. Finishing the floors in my shop. Which way to go?!?!
  64. MiniMechMate?
  65. Mechmate for sale?
  66. Smallest project size for a full size MM?
  67. Pk296a2a-sg7.2
  68. Solid Works
  69. Where are the DXF files ?
  70. Need a HI-Rise photo of a large size working MM
  71. Thread protrusion - a measure of good workmanship
  72. "Using Mechmate for" subforum???
  73. Indexer for me new toy to be
  74. Angle Iron rails
  75. rolamite machine
  76. MechMate MaMouth - Willing to buy pre-made parts
  77. Burned holes in solid wood
  78. Carving machine build
  79. Update on build cost
  80. Electric kit i have found opinions please
  81. New PMDX-126
  82. Shop Security Ideas
  83. 10' x 20'
  84. rack and pinion specs??
  85. stepper motor question???
  86. vacuum table question
  87. Total Z-Axis Travel and Table Clearance?
  88. MM Budget and Parts
  89. Servo Motors
  90. Is the MechMate suitable for manufacturing these?
  91. about to start buying to make my table
  92. Two Z axis
  93. Typical BOM cost for building a MM in EU?
  94. Free Shopbot
  95. Build list?
  96. Mechmate difference from 2006
  97. I have been wanting to build one of these for so long,...
  98. Decals for Motors
  99. Where can i find this vector font?
  100. Mechmate with turn mill ?
  101. Weighing in...
  102. How does a MechMate compare
  103. Wide Mouth Mechmate - Suggestions
  104. Basic question
  105. M2-M6 Drawing Questions
  106. Mechmate in the UK
  107. MechMate on ebay??? any one recognise it???
  108. How to start?
  109. any one in South Australia
  110. Anyone used servo drives instead of stepper motors?
  111. mechmate 3d printer?
  112. 4 axis mechmate
  113. Mechmate for custom Solid wood doors?
  114. Rail Sweeps
  115. First read / sticky ?
  116. Buy, rent or borrow skate
  117. What is a "skate"?
  118. Newbie question on rigidity
  119. Questions about laser crosshair.
  120. Realistic build cost
  121. Melbourne australia. where to buy
  122. Long Table
  123. 3D Scanner for under $600
  124. 3d routing of EVA foam
  125. Accuracy/Precision Guitars
  126. Current Preference of Drive?
  127. stepper motors 4 or 8 wire leads
  128. The truth and nothing but the truth
  129. Vacuum Pump
  130. Stopper blocks & limit switches
  131. Newb looking for advice in planning process - 5x10 table
  132. starting a new Mechmate
  133. My MechMate. My story. (Why did you build or buy your machine ?)
  134. Metric 9 screw question.
  135. Table/base prep for painting
  136. Free Wedge Washers
  137. Heavy duty Mechmate build!
  138. Vision System: Registration
  139. Vision System: Pantograph
  140. Spoil board question
  141. Current Drawing Revision
  142. Upgrading Router to Mach3
  143. Yellow paint
  144. Rack and Pinion in SA
  145. MechMates in NE or Central Florida, Jacksonville, FL
  146. Built laser using buildlog.net
  147. Looking for this build thread
  148. double sided cnc
  149. Guias de carro superior.
  150. Anyone near Clarksville TN ready to get started?
  151. Availibility of Fabricated Z slide (ball screw and stepper for use on Mechmate)
  152. Anyone ever built a 5 axis router
  153. MechMate In Battle Creek, MI